quarta-feira, março 28, 2012

Ainda o discurso de Malkovich

Alguns Leitores estranharam que John Malkovich tenha acabado a sua comunicação com a invectiva "Merda!!".

Aqui vai um artigo da inevitável Wiki sobre este assunto:

"Generally, it is considered bad luck to wish someone "good luck" in a theatre. Prior to performances, it is traditional for the cast to gather together to avert the bad luck by wishing each other bad luck or cursing - in English-speaking countries, the expression "break a leg" replaces the phrase "good luck". The exact origin of this expression is unknown, but some of the most popular theories are the Shakespearean Theory or Traditional Theory, and the Bowing Theory.[2] If someone does say "good luck", they must go out of the theatre, turn around 3 times, spit, curse, then knock on the door and ask to be readmitted to the theatre.[citation needed] The expression "break a leg" has spread outside of the theatre and is regularly used by non-actors toward actors and in non-theatrical situations.

In Australian theatrical circles saying "good luck" is also avoided, but the replacement is often "chookas!".[3]

In Portuguese and Spanish-speaking countries, before each performance, director and actors gather on the stage, join hands and scream "Muita Merda!"/"¡Mucha mierda!" ("A lot of shit!"). The term "A lot of shit" reputedly comes from the success of a play. Where historically people would arrive by carriage, lots of people meant lots of carriages and horses, leaving "a lot of shit". Instead of saying "break a leg", those who want to wish good luck to the performers wish "mierda" to them. Similarly, in France and in Italy, actors say the word "Merde!" (French) / "Merda" (Italian) just before making an entrance. The French "Merde!" is also popular among ballet dancers across the world regardless of their mother tongue."

Nem sempre "merda" é asneira malta!!

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