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Para Descansar a Vista

Aqui fica Adrian Mitchell, o poeta do pacifismo, o escritor para crianças e para adultos, o autor de poesia, prosa e peças de teatro, infelizmente desaparecido muito perto do Natal do ano passado.

Considerado um dos mais importantes autores britânicos do século passado, Adrian Michell ficará na história como um dos mais acérrimos defensores do "homem do povo" contra a arrogância e o poder absoluto de Governos e Corporações.


My Mother and Father died some years ago
I loved them very much.
When they died my love for them
Did not vanish or fade away.
It stayed just about the same,
Only a sadder colour.

And I can feel their love for me,
Same as it ever was.

Nowadays, in good times or bad,
I sometimes ask my Mother and Father
To walk beside me or to sit with me
So we can talk together
Or be silent .

They always come to me.
I talk to them and listen to them
And think I hear them talk to me.

It's very simple -

Nothing to do with spiritualism
Or religion or mumbo jumbo.

It is imaginary.
 It is real. It is love.

April 18, 2006 Adrian Mitchell

Nota Biográfica dos seus Editores: Born in 1932 in north London, Mitchell was educated at various schools around the UK, before being conscripted into the RAF. These formative years helped to build his pacifism and a deeply moral understanding of injustice, which, as Kershaw noted, emerged in his writing in the form of “hard hitting political messages about the iniquity of the status quo, the absurdities of politicians, and the injustices of a western world getting richer by doing violence on poor people with few means of defence”.

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